• This is a one-year bottom-up research and filmmaking project that sheds light on changing gender norms and cultural practices in the conflict-ridden region of Borno State, Northern Nigeria. Sponsored by the Embassy of Netherlands in Abuja.The project aims to capture the untold stories of women and girls who, like countless peers in the region, have shown exceptional courage and resourcefulness in safeguarding their families and helping them to survive in the midst of the Boko Haram crisis. In the process, they found opportunities, like access to livelihoods and decision-making powerthat would have been hard to acquire prior to the regional conflict.

Aims and Objectives of the “UPROOTED” Project

  • The project aims to produce a movie to be used for sensitization and advocacy purposes. It seeks to achieve the following objectives:
    • Building awareness and promoting acceptance of women’s changing gender roles among a variety of audiences, including local women and men, Civil Society Organisations, Policymakers, Media Professionals and other stakeholders.
    • Empowering local women to talk about their conflict experiences and recovery needs in the documentary movie and making their voices heard through multiple public platforms including mobile cinema screenings, film festivals, social media and other publicity outlets.
    • Promoting equal participation of women in conflict transformation and recovery initiatives in Northern Nigeria by making the movie accessible to Civil Society Organisations, Policymakers and other stakeholders.
    • Reorientation of media professionals, promoting more hopeful and inspiring stories about Northern Nigeria than the usual stories of violence, conflict and destruction, as well as, encouraging a more multidimensional and active portrayal of women, rather than merely portraying women as victims.